Gin-Based Cocktails You Absolutely Must Try

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Gin-Based Cocktails You Absolutely Must Try

Are you looking for ideas for gin-based cocktails? What are the classic ones not to be missed?


Gin is a versatile and refreshing spirit that pairs perfectly with many cocktails. If you're a gin lover, discover these 5 must-try recipes for gin-based cocktails. These classics will delight your taste buds and impress your guests at your parties!



Take off to new horizons with the Aviation, a refreshing and delicate IBA cocktail. A subtle blend of gin, maraschino, violet liqueur and lemon, it will seduce you with its lightness and unique flavor.


John Collins


The John Collins is a lemony gin-based cocktail, whose recipe existed before 1869. Its freshness and tangy taste make it the perfect cocktail to quench your thirst during hot summer nights.


Long Island Iced Tea


The Long Island Iced Tea is a bold IBA recipe that mixes 5 different alcohols. Served in a large glass, it will surprise you with its refreshing taste and power.


Casino Cocktail


The Casino Cocktail is an IBA classic based on gin, perfect for gambling enthusiasts and elegant parties. With its touch of orange bitters and syrup cherry, it will seduce you with its rich and bewitching flavor.




The Negroni is a classic IBA cocktail and a variation of the Americano. Composed of gin, red Martini and Campari, this cocktail is perfect for lovers of bitter and refreshing flavors.


In conclusion, these 5 gin-based cocktails are true must-tries for gin lovers. Whether they are refreshing, bold or elegant, there is something for everyone's taste! Don't hesitate to check the links to discover the preparation steps and impress your guests at your next party. Gin will have no more secrets for you, and you can enjoy and share these delicious cocktails in a convivial atmosphere. Cheers !


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