Azure Elegance

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Azure Elegance

The Azure Elegance is a captivating and refined cocktail that epitomizes sophistication. This harmonious blend of vodka, peach liqueur (melocoton), dry vermouth, with a hint of blue curaçao, strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and a bold character. The final touch of a fresh orange zest and a maraschino cherry provides an impeccable presentation and an intoxicating aroma.


  • 4 cl vodka
  • 1.5 cl peach liqueur (melocoton)
  • 1.5 cl dry vermouth
  • 2 to 3 drops of blue curaçao
  • 1 fresh, untreated orange zest
  • 1 maraschino cherry
  • 5 to 6 ice cubes

Preparation steps

  1. Start by placing the ice cubes into a mixing glass.
  2. Add the vodka, peach liqueur, dry vermouth, and blue curaçao.
  3. Gently stir the ingredients with a mixing spoon.
  4. Strain the mixture into a martini glass using an ice strainer.
  5. Squeeze the orange zest lightly above the glass to release its essential oils, without dropping it into the cocktail.
  6. Finish by delicately placing a maraschino cherry in the glass.

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