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Get ready to savor the 'Cochonne' cocktail, a delightful blend of coffee, whiskey, and pineapple flavors for a unique gustatory experience. This bold concoction combines the sweetness of Baileys Irish Cream with the seductive aroma of coffee liqueur and a touch of tropical freshness from pineapple juice. Served as a shooter, it's a little explosion of flavors awaiting you.


  • 2 centiliters of Baileys Irish Cream
  • 2 centiliters of coffee liqueur
  • 2 centiliters of pineapple juice

Preparation steps

  1. Take a shooter glass.
  2. Start by carefully pouring the 2 centiliters of Baileys Irish Cream.
  3. Continue by adding the 2 centiliters of coffee liqueur.
  4. Finish off with the 2 centiliters of pineapple juice to add a tropical note.

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