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King Apple

Get ready to discover the King Apple cocktail, a delicious and easy-to-make delight that perfectly combines the freshness of apple, the acidity of lemon, and the effervescence of lemonade. In just 5 minutes, you can savor this non-alcoholic cocktail that will transport you to the heart of orchards.



  • 3 cl of freshly squeezed apple juice
  • 2 cl of lemon syrup for a hint of acidity
  • 3 cl of lemonade for the sparkling touch
  • Ice cubes to chill it all

Preparation steps

  1. Start by filling your favorite glass with ice cubes to ensure the essential freshness of this cocktail.
  2. Then, gently pour the lemon syrup over the ice cubes. This tangy base will give a beautiful intensity to your cocktail.
  3. Continue by adding the apple juice. Its natural sweetness will balance the acidity of the lemon.
  4. To finish, add the lemonade. Its sparkling nature will provide the final touch to your cocktail.
  5. Finally, gently stir the mixture with a spoon to allow the flavors to blend harmoniously.

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