The Desperate Housewives Margarita

image The Desperate Housewives Margarita

The Desperate Housewives Margarita

Step into the world of Wisteria Lane with this delicious Desperate Housewives Margarita. This cocktail recipe is perfect for a night with friends or to unwind after a long day. Indulge in this glamorous and sparkling version of the famous Mexican cocktail.



  • 5 cl of tequila
  • 3 cl of triple sec (Cointreau, Grand Marnier)
  • 2 cl of lime juice

Preparation steps

  1. Gather all the ingredients and make sure to have a shaker, a margarita glass, and ice at hand.
  2. Pour the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice into the shaker.
  3. Add a few ice cubes into the shaker and close it tightly.
  4. Shake the shaker vigorously for about 10 to 15 seconds until the mixture is well chilled and homogeneous.
  5. Meanwhile, prepare the margarita glass by rubbing a lime wedge around the rim. Then, dip the moistened rim into fine salt to create a salt crust.
  6. Fill the margarita glass with ice.
  7. Strain and pour the mixture from the shaker into the margarita glass, being careful not to disturb the salt crust.
  8. For the finishing touch, decorate the glass with a lime slice and serve immediately.
  9. Cheers! Enjoy your Desperate Housewives Margarita and let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating flavors of this refined cocktail.

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