Passionate Cranberry

image Passionate Cranberry

Passionate Cranberry

Welcome to this delicious fruity cocktail recipe based on Rivesaltes rosé, grenadine syrup, nectar of maracujà and cranberry. This balanced blend of sweet and tangy flavours is perfect to add an exotic touch to your evenings with friends or to relax after a long day. You will be amazed at how these simple ingredients can create a cocktail that is both delicious and refreshing.



  • 6 cl Rivesaltes rosé
  • 1 cl Grenadine syrup
  • 4 cl Nectar de maracujà
  • 4 cl cranberry nectar

Preparation steps

  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. Pour the rivesaltes, grenadine syrup and nectars.
  3. Shake energetically.
  4. Serve in a wine glass.

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