Raspberry Champagne

image Raspberry Champagne

Raspberry Champagne

Raspberry Champagne is similar to Strawberry Champagne but with the fruity flavor of raspberry liqueur instead. It's also balanced with a touch of fresh lemon and cane sugar syrup.



  • 40 cl Champagne
  • 2 cl raspberry liqueur
  • 4 cl fresh lemon juice
  • 2 cl cane sugar syrup

Preparation steps

  1. In a champagne flute, pour the raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and cane sugar syrup.
  2. Stir lightly with a mixing spoon or stirrer.
  3. Add the chilled champagne to the flute until it's filled.
  4. Stir very lightly again to mix the ingredients well.
  5. Serve immediately and enjoy !

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