Virgin Paris Coco Tiki

image Virgin Paris Coco Tiki

Virgin Paris Coco Tiki

Looking for a fruity and refreshing alcohol-free cocktail? Try the Virgin Paris Coco Tiki! This delicious drink is made from apple juice, coconut water, lemon, fresh ginger and fresh mint. With its unique combination of flavours, this cocktail is perfect for hot summer days or any occasion.



  • 50 cl Apple Juice
  • 25 cl d'Eau de Coco
  • 1 cl Lemon
  • 10 g fresh ginger
  • 10 fresh mint leaves

Preparation steps

  1. Add a few ice cubes to a shaker.
  2. Pour in the apple juice, lemon juice and coconut water.
  3. Add the ginger and mint.
  4. Shake energetically.
  5. Serve in cocktail glasses.

  6. Decoration: Add apple and lemon wedges.

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