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A fruity cocktail without alcohol is perfect for any time of the day when you want to relax and have a good time. It is easy to prepare and can be adapted to your tastes according to the fruit nectars you use. For an alcohol-free cocktail with a taste of peach, kiwi and ginger, you will need: peach nectar, kiwi nectar, ginger juice, ice cubes and a slice of lemon or te kiwi. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and shake well before serving in a cocktail glass. Add a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon to decorate. Your cocktail is now ready to be enjoyed!



  • 8 cl Peach nectar
  • 8 cl Nectar from kiwi
  • 2 cl ginger nectar

Preparation steps

  1. Fill a shaker half full of ice.
  2. Pour out the nectars.
  3. Shake energetically.
  4. Serve in a glass

  5. Decoration: Add a slice of kiwi.

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