Brazilian Bitter Lime

image Brazilian Bitter Lime

Brazilian Bitter Lime

This variant of the Caipirinha Cocktail uses a Caipirinha cocktail base (which includes Cachaça, sugar and lime) and adds lime nectar and bitter for a more complex and intense flavor. The decoration with a lime slice adds a touch of color and extra freshness.

Whatever variant you prefer, Caipirinha is a refreshing and exotic drink that is easy to prepare and always appreciated on any occasion. Enjoy your enhanced Caipirinha cocktail!



  • 4 cl Cachaça
  • 10 cl Caipirinha Cocktail
  • 4 cl of lime nectar
  • 1 line of Bitter

Preparation steps

  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. Pour the cachaça, the caipirinha cocktail, the lime nectar and the Bitter.
  3. Shake energetically.
  4. Serve in a long drink.

  5. Decoration: Add a slice of lime.

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