Moments of pleasure

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Moments of pleasure

Discover unique moments of pleasure with our delightful cocktail made with lychee liqueur, cane syrup, and guava juice.

Let yourself be carried away by the exotic flavors of this exquisite blend: 2 cl of lychee liqueur bring a fruity and delicate touch, while 1 cl of cane sugar syrup adds a gentle sweetness. To perfect the balance of this refreshing cocktail, 5 cl of guava juice bring an explosion of tropical taste.

The preparation is as simple as it is quick: pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously, and voilà! Serve your creation in an elegant cocktail glass for an equally delightful visual experience.

To enhance this already divine concoction, add a touch of finesse to the presentation: a few mint leaves or lychees in the glass will make all the difference.

This cocktail promises unforgettable moments with friends or on your own, a true invitation to a sensory journey. So, let yourself be seduced by this fusion of flavors and embark on a unique and memorable taste adventure.



  • 2 cl of Lychee Liqueur
  • 1 cl of Cane Sugar Syrup
  • 5 cl of Guava Juice

Preparation steps

  1. Add ice cubes to a shaker.
  2. Pour in the ingredients.
  3. Then, shake vigorously.
  4. Serve in a cocktail glass.
  5. For decoration, you can add some mint leaves or lychees in the glass

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