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The Zeitouni cocktail is a delicious and refreshing mix that combines Ketel One Citroen® vodka, fresh fruits, and aromatic herbs. With its tangy green apple touch, juicy pineapple chunks, and fresh basil leaves, this cocktail is perfect for hot summer days or for an evening with friends. Prepared in a shaker and served in a Martini glass with a basil leaf for decoration, the Zeitouni is a true delight for the taste buds. Follow these simple instructions to make your own Zeitouni cocktail at home !



  • 50 ml Ketel One Citroen® vodka
  • 65 g green apple
  • 65 g fresh pineapple
  • 4 g fresh basil leaves, plus a few leaves for decoration
  • 10 ml cane sugar syrup
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Ice cubes

Preparation steps

  1. In a shaker, crush some ice cubes and fresh basil leaves using a pestle.
  2. Add the cane sugar syrup and peeled green apple, then crush again.
  3. Incorporate the pineapple chunks and crush once more.
  4. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.
  5. Pour the Ketel One Citroen® vodka into the shaker.
  6. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds.
  7. Strain the cocktail through a strainer to remove the crushed fruit and basil leaves.
  8. Pour the cocktail into a Martini glass filled with ice.
  9. Garnish with a fresh basil leaf and serve immediately.

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