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Discover the Mallorca, an enchanting cocktail skillfully blending amber rum, dry vermouth, banana cream, and Drambuie. The perfect combination of flavors that will instantly transport you to the sunny shores of the Spanish island of Majorca.

In a shaker filled with ice, precisely mix half volume of amber rum, one-sixth volume of dry vermouth, one-sixth volume of banana cream, and one-sixth volume of Drambuie. Once the ingredients are combined, shake vigorously to release all the aromas and exquisite notes.

Serve this delightful blend in an elegant cocktail glass and savor the perfect balance between the sweetness of the banana cream and the warmth of the rum, complemented by the subtle touch of dry vermouth and the enchanting aroma of Drambuie.

Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or impressing your guests at a special evening, the Mallorca is a gustatory experience not to be missed. So, let yourself be charmed by this sophisticated recipe and relish every sip of this refined cocktail.


  • 1/2 volume Amber Rum
  • 1/6 volume Dry Vermouth
  • 1/6 volume Banana Cream
  • 1/6 volume Drambuie

Preparation steps

  1. Fill a shaker halfway with ice.
  2. Pour all the ingredients.
  3. Then, shake vigorously.
  4. Serve in a cocktail glass.

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