Mildness of spring

image Mildness of spring
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Mildness of spring

This fruity and balanced cocktail recipe is the perfect drink to relax in a sunny environment. It is composed of sparkling wine that brings light and refreshing bubbles. It combines the sweet taste of raspberries with the slight bitterness of blackcurrant, accompanied by fresh basil that adds an aromatic touch to each glass. The bright and colourful spring colours provide the perfect visual decoration for this delicious blend. This fruity cocktail with spring colors is a tasty and ideal drink for any occasion!


  • 12 cl sparkling white wine
  • 2 cl blackcurrant cream
  • 3 fresh basil leaves
  • 5 Raspberries

Preparation steps

  1. Add the raspberries and basil to a large wine glass.
  2. Use a pestle to gently crush them.
  3. Add some ice cubes.
  4. Pour the blackcurrant cream.
  5. Add more sparkling white wine.
  6. Stir with a spoon.

  7. Decoration: Add a skewer of fresh raspberries.

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