Passion of Canada

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Passion of Canada

Discover the passion of Canada, a delightful combination of Canadian whisky elevated by the tropical sweetness of guava, with a touch of tartness from triple sec and red fruits. A surprising blend, both robust and fruity.

For those who prefer tangier flavors, you can also add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the mix. The orange slice not only adds an elegant touch to the cocktail but also imparts a fruity sweetness when bitten between sips.

While Canadian whisky brings robust and woody notes, fresh guava juice offers a tropical sweetness that balances the cocktail perfectly. Wild berry syrup, on the other hand, evokes the Canadian forests and the red fruits that grow there, while triple sec adds that hint of acidity that awakens the taste buds. A perfect drink for summer evenings or relaxing afternoons by the pool.



  • 4 cl Canadian Whisky
  • 1.5 cl Triple Sec
  • 1.5 cl Wild Berry Syrup
  • 6 cl Fresh Guava Juice
  • 0.5 tsp Grated Orange Zest (for the zesty touch)

Preparation steps

  1. In a shaker, combine the triple sec, wild berry syrup, whisky, and guava juice.
  2. Shake vigorously.
  3. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice.
  4. Pour the mixture into the glass.

  5. Decoration: Add an orange slice.

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