Coriander and Citronella Lassi

image Coriander and Citronella Lassi
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Coriander and Citronella Lassi

Yogurt, coriander and lemongrass based drink. Delicately scented with a drop of green tangerine. An Indian trip for this traditional drink.


  • 1/4 bunch of cilantro
  • 1 c.a.c. of salt
  • 1 small green pepper
  • 100 ml de nectar fruits de la passion
  • 2 plain yogurt
  • 1 drop of green tangerine essential oil
  • 1 x lemongrass stalk
  • 150 ml water

Preparation steps

  1. In a blender, mix all the ingredients
  2. Serve in large glasses with ice

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