Aloe si coco

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Aloe si coco

If you are looking for a refreshing and exotic drink to add a tropical touch to your evening, look no further than this cocktail based on white rum, coconut cream, coriander and Aloe Si Cocktail. With unique ingredients such as creamy coconut cream, aromatic coriander and tangy Aloe Cocktail, this cocktail offers an explosion of flavours that will instantly transport you to a sunny beach. Served in a glass filled with crushed ice, each sip will refresh you and make you vibrate with fruity notes.


  • 4 cl 40° white rum
  • 2 cl Coconut cream
  • 12 cl of Cocktail aloe si
  • Coriander

Preparation steps

  1. Fill a shaker with crushed ice.
  2. Pour all the ingredients.
  3. Shake energetically.
  4. Filter and serve in a cocktail glass filled with crushed ice.

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